A Spring IN The Basement

3 11 2007

     In May we finally realized that we had a spring in our basement.  We kept calling the water company out to see if we had a leak.  They kept telling us that there was no leak on their part or our part.  Finally, our son helped Jim put in a sub pump.  That part of the basement has been dry since. 

    This week the side of the basement where I do my laundry has been getting full of water.  This morning, Jim found another spring.  He has been vacuuming all morning. Later today or early next week, our son will help us put in another sub pump.  We’ve lived in our home for 22 years with no major water problem in the basement except in extreme rain.  The water company told us that because of all of the new construction in our area that springs are popping up all over the place. 

     Jim did take a break and talked with me about a problem that I’m having  in my personal life.  We just had such a great talk and he helped me so much.    Hopefully, this afternoon we can learn more about blogging.  Jim doesn’t want a blog himself but he is helping me .  He gets a little frustrated with me because I keep asking him things he doesn’t know yet.  Neither of us grew up learning computers the way this present generation does.  So we will plug along together in learning how to make this blog the best it can be.  I want to learn to post pictures and have a sidebar full of links. We just don’t know how to do that yet. 

     When I finish this little post, I’ll hang out some clothes and fix us some lunch.  Hope each of you has a great day!




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