A Morning of Baking

2 11 2007

     It is so nice to want to bake again.  Our part of the country experienced a heat wave and drought for many weeks.  If is finally getting cool.  That old baking urge is coming to me again.  However, I have to modify all recipes because of Jim’s heart and my high cholesterol problem.  I rarely use eggs in my dessert breads.  Instead , I mash bananas to take their place.  I use only a small amount of  olive oil–about 1/4 cup per loaf of bread. 

     So this morning , I made four loaves of cranberry bread and four loaves of pumpkin bread.  I also made a large pan of brownies using bananas instead of eggs  and absolutely no oil.  All of my baking turned out wonderful.  I ate some of my cranberry bread, with organic peanut butter and Amish blackberry preserves.  Oh, it was delicious! 

     I had quite alot of cleaning up to do in the kitchen.  I alway clean as I go.  I can’t stand to leave a mess.  My 8th grade home economics teacher drilled the clean up routine in our cooking classes.  I’ve never forgotten that influence.   Tonight we’re going to attend a community Thanksgiving meal put on by the Amish.  This is an event we’ve attended for several years.  I can hardly wait!  Here is a poem about bread that I wrote many years ago.


My home has a penetrating, fresh smell of home made bread.

My stove has been working overtime

to keep my family well fed

There is nothing to compare to whole wheat, crunchy bread

The aroma takes away darkness, gloom , or deep dread.

Last night I baked banana bread

Tomorrow I night try rye or pumpernickel

To make homemade bread takes extra time

but it makes me feel like a person

who is creative

caring and sharing

It has also save me many a nickel

Today do you feel rather daring?

Come to me then

We’ll gather the flour, honey and yeast

We’ll make some bread

share a cup of herbal tea

enjoy a special feast

Yes, we’ll do that

Just you and me.





2 responses

5 11 2007

I truly enjoyed your bread poem. When did you write it? I wish you would write more poems like you used to. I have read all of your latest blogs. Sorry I haven’t commented on them all individually. They are all interesting. Love, Maria

13 11 2007

I loved your bread poem too. It is so cozey sounding. How come you never showed me it.


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