My Day with my Grandsons

1 11 2007

    John and Alex, our young grandsons spent the day with me.  John did not have kindergarten.  Their next door neighbor is their regular caretaker .  However,  during the summer I have one day a week with them.  Likewise, during breaks I have the joy of having these little ones with me.  John is five and Alex is three.  I am in awe of them because they are grandchildren and not my regular charges.  I have more patience with them than I did with their mom when she was little. 

     I was once a busy mother of four young children.  We had our four in a little under five years.  I didn’t have the time to spend with each one the way I desired.  I had at least 20 loads of wash each week.  When sickness came our way, each child in turn became ill.  Life at times seemed like one big crisis.  Honestly, there were many joys also. 

     Grandchildren are different–at least to me.  When I get  the boys , I can spend the whole day enjoying them.  This morning we went to an old order Mennonite store.  I was excited to get 10 lbs. of turbo (raw) sugar for $7.50.  Two pounds of this kind of sugar at our Kroger store is $4.50.  I prefer this kind of sugar to refined white sugar.  The boys enjoyed seeing the horses and cows.  Some of the men were putting a foundation in for some kind of building. 

     When we got back to town we finished our shopping at Aldi’s.  They boys love ice cream , so they always pick out what they want.  Then we went to McDonalds for lunch.  Now I don’t take them out to eat but about once every quarter.  I don’t consider that a good investment of my money or their health on a regular basis.  Spacing the dinners or lunches out keeps it a “treat” instead of something they take for granted.

      In the afternoon we worked on a computer program that teaches kindergarten and first grade skills.  I also have several education sites marked where we can down load coloring sheets and other types of worksheets.  I actually sit down and color with the boys.  I have a great time doing this.

     A couple of weeks ago, my priest blessed our home.  I had an open house for the occasion.  John and Alex got an old spice bottle and another little bottle and began blessing my house once again.  Then they took their bottles out and started blessing my porches, my car and anything else they could find.  So children retain much more than we can ever imagine.  I never would have guessed the “house blessing” made such an impression on them.

     Finally, we went to pick up “Grandpa”.  Jim and I sat on the porch and watched them use their imaginations.  They were cable men for awhile.  They had pretend cars they were driving to get to the houses that needed cable repairs.  There is no end to these little guys imaginations.

     Their mom, Sandy, came to pick them up around 5:00p.m.  Jim and I were rather tired, yet so glad to have the opportunity to have our grandsons with us on a regular basis.  The only sad thing about the day was hearing Sandy talk about the crisis in our public schools with staph infections that are not healing.  One teacher has lost two fingers.  So very sad.  Our prayers are certainly with all who are suffering. 

     So thanks be to God for grandchildren and for the wonderful day we enjoyed.




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