My very first blog

29 10 2007

I have a strong desire to live simply.  In my search for information about the simple life, I’ve come across some very interesting blogs.  I have been frustrated in not being able to repond on some of the blogs, so I decided to start blogging myself.

     I’m a middle aged homemaker who has been married for 33 years.  We have four grown children and two grandsons.  Besides simple living, I enjoy music.  I teach the piano part time.  I started learning the organ at age 49 and made much progress.  I even became a well used substitute for a couple of churches , when an organist was needed.  However, a couple of years ago my husband and I converted to the Christian Orthodox faith.  There are no musical intruments in the Orthodox  worship service, so I’ve given up the organ.  But I continue to work on my piano.  I teach the piano part time. 

     I also am an avid reader.  I don’t watch much television because reading is my first choice of leisure.   I take long walks with my two dogs each morning.  This is after I’ve had my time of going through the Orthodox prayers  and reading my Bible.  In the afternoon, I pick up my grandson from kindergarten and we enjoy a couple of hours together. 

     All in all, I hope to share my daily life but I’m not here to teach anyone anything.  If one can glean from my experience, great!  Tomorrow, I’ll begin to tell the story of how I came to embrace the Orthodox faith.




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